Wednesday, 27 April 2016



About the Contest

If all you ever wanted to do was hit the roads, drive endlessly, see new places, explore unseen terrains, in short get a life like #GLAadventure – then here’s your chance.
Participate in our 4-week, ‘Join The Drive Contest.’ One lucky winner will get a chance to join #GLAadventure on one of our International legs of the drive. Top 10 who make it to the weekly leaderboard of this 4-week challenge, will win exclusive Mercedes Merchandise.
To enter in the contest you need play all the four levels, to be released one per week – Level 1: Warm Up | Level 2: Jump Start | Level 3: Hot Lap | Level 4: Final Lap
To better your chances of winning, play each level released every week and try to get as many correct answers as possible. Happy Playing!