Saturday, 26 December 2015

Here's What 6 World War I Battlefields Look Like 100 Years Later

1. St. Symphorien Cemetery -- Hainaut, Belgium

This cemetery was established by the Germans and contains the first British solder to be killed in combat and the last two Commonwealth casualties along with many other soldiers from both countries.

2. View over La Vallee Foulon -- Chemin des Dames, France

This is the view of La Vallee Foulon from south Cavernes des Dragons.

3. Newfoundland Memorial Park -- Beaumont-Hamel, France

The trenches, shell craters and wire pickets are a few remnants of the battle at Somme that can still be seen.

4. Butte de Vauquois -- Argonne, France

One of the mines at this battle site contained 60 tons of highly explosive material.

5. Lochnagar Crater -- Somme, France

50,000 pounds of explosives were placed in a tunnel under German lines by British soldiers. The explosion created a hole over 90 meters wide.

6. Ouvrage du Thiamont Battlefield -- Verdun, France

A ten-month battle that resulted in 700,000 deaths took place at Ouvrage.