Thursday, 31 December 2015

unusual public gardens of the World

Public Garden
Do you remember the ‘Earth Song’ by Michael Jackson? It is a remarkable song which shows us a true picture of our mother earth which is shattered with the pollution, with the lack of green fields and gardens.
To preserve our green environment we must take necessary steps. To fill this void and to create a greener pollution free environment corporate, industrialists, common people come together to create more public gardens. But there are few public gardens which are different from the others as one of them is sprouting from a tower or scaling an entire building, and one of them is in the rooftop of a building. Here I will take you to a exotic, small journey through these unusual public gardens.
The Museum of Modern Art Roof Garden, New York City
Modern Rooftop Garden
Today we don’t have enough land space as most of the land space is now occupied for housing, structures or transport systems. We cannot grow horizontally anymore and we have to grow vertically. Considering this, Ken Smith a landscape architect has created this rooftop garden over the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. For his splendid creation he also received an award from ASLA IN 2009 in the general design category. This garden is created considering the Japanese Dry Zen Garden. This garden is created with white gravel, recycled black rubber, crushed glass, sculptural stones and artificial boxwood plants. This is the perfect design in urban stage where one can view the traffic in the road and in the skyline huge towers. Today this rooftop garden is a inspiration for many and many household also adapted the same in their flat, home or high-rise balconies.
The Overhanging Gardens of Marqueyssac, Vézac, France
The Overhanging Gardens of Marqueyssac
The town of Vézac housed one of the most extraordinary public gardens-the overhanging gardens of Marqueyssac. Originally this garden was built in 17th century with rustic sculpture made of trees and dense bushes. The entire trees are in round shape and it overlooked the picaresque Dordogne valley. The Château de Marqueyssac stretches across 5 km trail and the garden is situated just in the centre of this trail. This is one of the most visited attractions and the design is maintained by attendants regularly.
Lost Gardens of Heligan, Mevagissey, UK
Lost GardenThe Lost Gardens of Heligan is one of the most popular botanical garden in UK. It was created in the eighteenth century by the members of Cornish Tremayne family. This huge garden has colossal rhododendrons and camellia, an Italian garden, ‘the jungle’, a series of lake, Europe’s only pineapple pit and two famous figures made from rock and trees known as Mud Maid and the Giant Head. This garden extends up to 200 acres of area and filled with lush green dense forest as well as well maintained parks, cultivated areas.
Beijing Olympic Forest Park, Beijing
Beijing Olympic GardenBeijing Olympic Forest Park was made in the year of 2008 as an attraction of the Olympic. The landscape architecture was designed by Hu Jie. This park was built on 680 hectare of area and started on 2003. A distinguishing factor is that the forest was built considering the Feng Shui so that there is a harmony between natural and artificial elements. A huge man made lake is in the center of the garden which is surrounded by the trees. The trees formed tree cluster islands and they are interconnected by bridges. This gives it a mystic aura.
Trump Tower, New York
Trump TowerTrump Tower in 5th Avenue of New York is the 52nd tallest building in the world and famous personalities such as Beyonce, Bruce Willins, and Donald Trump lived in this jungle of glass, steel and bricks. This high rise is not all about flats, apartments or retail space though. There are 21 pear trees have been planted in the building and this gives a new look to this building. They are placed in the recess corridor and created a small garden space which gives the building an unique view and atmosphere.
Topiary Gardens at Washington Old Hall, Tyne & Wear, UK
Topiary GardenWashington hall is the ancestral home of George Washington in UK. This old English Manor is now housed one of the most unusual public Jacobean garden; normally we can see topiaries in the shape of bear, giraffe, elephants etc. But here one can see a pattern of lattice which is curve up and under of one another. This green pattern in the background of the stone manor created a great experience that one shouldn’t miss.
The Eden Project, Cornwall, UK
Eden Project
Eden Project was created in Cornwall over a disused clay mine and today it is one of the most visited global gardens. It features South American rainforest, with tropical green nature, wine and olive producing Mediterranean terrain with Californian green fields. Apart from that this project recreated nature from all over the world by taking cues from all over the world. The garden also holds lot of activities such as arts, theater, music events. People can learn about the bio diversity of the world by taking a day tour in this garden and at the same time they will see how the rainwater can be harvested