Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Mystery fireball rushing towards Earth at 46700 km/hr, NASA releases video

asteroid to make a close encounter with earth on january 26

American Space Agency NASA has released a new video showing a mystery fireball heading towards Earth at a very high speed of 46,700 kilometre per hour. Later, scientists confirmed it to be a meteor that is hurtling towards Earth and might collide with our planet.

Soon after the reports of mystery fireball over the state of Georgia, NASA recorded the video and released in public to eliminate the rumours. The meteor was tracked flying 27 kilometre above Locust Grove, a town in Kentucky, USA. NASA scientists have estimated the meteor to weigh nearly 68 kilograms and about 16 inches in diameter.

“All 6 NASA all sky meteor cameras in the Southeast picked up the meteor at an altitude of 50 miles above the town of Georgia (south-east of Atlanta),” said official statement released by NASA. “A more detailed analysis will be performed and further details will follow if this analysis still indicates the possibility of a meteorite fall.”

Until the last update, the meteor had slowed down to a speed of 9,000 miles per hour (14484 km per hour). It might hit the Earth surface but chances are there that it will burn completely before colliding with the surface. Even if it manages to hit the surface, most of the part will get burnt due to atmospheric friction. Thus, scientists said that the meteor will not cause any harm to humans and there is nothing to worry about.