Monday, 14 December 2015

Quick execution is the key to success

What is execution? Execution is the discipline of doing tasks in scheduled time. The chronic under performers are those who are slow in execution although they may be very creative and excellent planners. Millions of people succeed in life much less than they deserve because of poor execution. The gap between planning and execution is like a black hole in which many valuable opportunities get lost.

In recent years, all the motivators and strategists have preached revolution, reinvention, quantum change, breakthrough thinking, and audacious goals. But unless we translate big thoughts into action, they’re pointless. Without execution, the breakthrough thinking breaks down, people cannot meet their goals, and the revolution stops dead on its tracks.

For quick execution, one need to set goals. Without proper goal setting, we can fritter away our time and energy. Key persons in every organization get very little un-interrupted time to work on their priority tasks. Hence, it is very essential to maintain a ‘To Do List’ of tasks—top down priority-wise. To work efficiently you need to work on the most important and highest value tasks first whose dead-line is approaching. Any work left to be done, should be religiously carried forward to next day’s diary to be executed on ‘very urgent’ basis.

Quick execution is the key to quick success. In addition to success, timely execution gives us a thrilling experience of happiness and job satisfaction by achieving our immediate goals and brings us closer to realizing our future dreams.

Wishing you a great Day ahead!