Wednesday, 23 December 2015

#Great8 Uses of Coffee You Never Knew

Can you imagine life without coffee? We all love its aroma, taste and of course it's magical qualities that help us keep awake through boring lectures and mind-numbing PPTs.

But, this magical bean is even better than you thought! We give you these #Great8 reasons to always stock up your favourite beans.

1. Rub or mix in your meat
Bored with your same old masala chicken, garlic chicken and dahi chicken? Then rub roasted coffee in the meat which will give a unique colour and a smoky flavour to it. So, bring out your apron and impress people with a twist.

2. Improves hair and skin
We all struggle with cellulite no matter how much we work out or how thin we are. Well, a coffee scrub with coconut oil can minimize the marks in just few weeks. Additionally, a gentle massage with coffee can lighten your skin complexion and can also help you get rid of dark circles. What's more? You can achieve glossy and beautiful brown hair if you wash it with coffee.

3. Fights odour
When your flower scented room fresheners, hand wash and soaps can't remove the stench, trust coffee beans. From pet odour to room, car, fridge and even the odour in your hands after chopping garlic - a few spoons of the magic bean can fight it all!

4. Fix furniture
Yes, coffee fixes furniture too. If there's a crack or gouge in your furniture then just make a thick paste with 2-3 spoons of coffee and water. Fill the crack with a plastic knife and clean out the extras with wet cotton or a small piece of cloth. Once it has dried then just put furniture wax. Bingo!

5. Keep your garden clean 
Nothing looks better than a beautiful garden and nothing looks worse than snails, worms and slugs messing it up. Want to keep them at bay? You can do this by sprinkling a good amount of coffee in your garden and then watch your beautiful garden while enjoying a cup of coffee.

6. Paint
Are we not used to seeing colored and sketched paintings? Let the Picasso inside you try something different by brewing your coffee a tad bit thick and painting your first coffee masterpiece.

7. Mouth freshener
Bad breath will never be a problem for you if you pop one whole roasted coffee bean like a pill which will give you long lasting freshness in no time.

8. Grow mushrooms 
Everybody is into organic farming nowadays, so why not you also give it a try? Spend lesser time and grow your very own mushrooms at home with coffee grounds and oyster mushroom spawn. Get ready to witness some of the funniest looking mushrooms in just few days.