Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Healthy Fruit Juices to Get That Glowing Skin

Upset about not getting the desired skin even after spending thousands of bucks in branded skin products and dermatologist appointments? We feel you, and that's why we give you a list of 8 great fruit juices that will cleanse you from within and make you look 21 again!

1. Papaya juice
From preventing pimples to dissolving dead cells, a glass of papaya juice can do wonders that you can't even imagine. Apart from having high medicinal benefits it papaya contains anti-oxidants and a particular enzyme called papain which will give your skin a natural glow in just few weeks. Don't like the taste? Throw in a few strawberries or melons depending on the season and enjoy your morning glass of goodness.

2. Ginger juice
Ginger is loaded with magnesium, potassium and anti-aging anti-oxidants that is sure to make your skin and hair glow. A morning routine of ground ginger, lemon and honey with some warm water will do wonders. If the taste is too intense, add this mixture to chilled soda and add a few leaves of mint or tulsi and a refreshing summer cooler is sure to get you addicted in no time. Long, shiny hair and a dandruff free scalp are just a few other benefits of gingers.

3. Tomato juice
You've tried tomato ketchup, tomato pizza, tomato sandwich, tomato soup but never tomato juice? We suggest a fresh glass of tomato juice that'll help improve your skin complexion, fight wrinkles and keeps your skin cool and refreshed all day long. Tomato juice with a squirt of lemon, salt and pepper is sure to make a refreshing morning cuppa.

4. Aloe-vera juice
The daily outdoor activities are giving you sun burns? Move beyond your pricey sunscreens and opt for the natural aloe-vera gel to protect your skin. Rich in vitamins and minerals, a glass of aloe juice will help you get rid of those wrinkles and start glowing from within.

5. Beetroot juice
For an instant boost of the goodness of Vitamin C, iron and potassium opt for a glass of beet root juice. Apart from cleaning your body from the inside and cure skin conditions it improves digestive health, aids blood flow to brain and fights menstrual problems. Beet root goes great with pomegranates, apples and carrots.

6. Pomegranate juice
The moment you feel that there's nothing which can cure your skin, get those shiny red pomegranates, grind up the juice and drink it every day. This miracle package has powerful skin repair remedy which will eventually make your skin glow.

7. Lemon juice
If your skin cleanser is not working out the way you wanted it to, then try the classic lemonade or nimbu paani as it can be the ultimate natural cleanser-oozing with Vitamin C which balances the pH level of your skin and giving you flawless skin. Use honey instead of sugar for better results.

8. Carrot juice
Tired of dealing with blemishes and pigmentation? Try the Bugs Bunny treat, that is, the mighty carrot juice. Not only your skin but this powerhouse juice will also be healthy for your hair, teeth, nails and body tissues.